3rd Place YRE – Photo 11-14yrs: Nature

submitted by Maria Regina College Mosta Boys’ Secondary : Kurt Borg Bonaci  for 11-14
dissemination(s): school media
filed under Photos

I have taken this photo myself as I like to explore the environment around where I live (ie Burmarrad, Malta). In a week from today (April 12th), this caterpillar will turn into a colourful butterfly . If we do not take care of nature this caterpillar would die and it would not please us any longer!

When farmers use pesticides to kill insects and parasites they end up also harming the nature in the surroundings, such as by not letting the amazing caterpillar and insects grow and show their beauty.

If no one controls the use of insecticides and pesticides we are going to keep on harming the habitats and life cycles of insects and other creatures. We would lose many species of insects as they become extinct.

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