Plants or Plastic?

submitted by Gzira St. Monica School : Amy Carole Spiteri Staines, Nicole Spiteri Staines  for 11-14
campaign: yre-entry
dissemination(s): Exhibition + Special Assembly, newspaper, other, school media
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Dissemination description: All YRE members exhibited their work in an exhibition during Parents' Day. A special assembly was also organised during which YRE members discussed their work with other students. Nicole and Amy's photo was also uploaded on the school's Facebook page ( and sent to the editors of the Sunday Times and the Independent.
sustainable development goal(s): life on land
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awarded: Commended

If we can mistake plastic for plants, what do sea animals mistake it for? Sea turtles and other marine creatures mistake plastics and other garbage as food (such as jellyfish) and ingest it. This mistake causes blockages within their digestive system and eventual death.

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