Suffocating Living Things

submitted by Giovanni Curmi Naxxar Higher Secondary School : Mariel Bartolo  for 15-18
dissemination(s): newspaper, radio, school magazine, school media
Proof of dissemination: Click to view
Dissemination description: and on "The Malta Indipendent on Sunday" newspaper. They were also invited on a radio programme to speak about YRE and their work. on the school's newsletter "What's On" Students' work was exhibited in the school's noticeboards
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Help us! ! ! ! We are drowning ! ! ! ! We are suffocating ! ! ! ! We used to be the breath of the humans and animals, and now we are begging for breath. We used to grow and give oxygen. No one took care of us. We grew and flourished and gave life to lifeless land. We decorated with flowers and invited bees. And now we struggle to pop our heads from under these motionless, lifeless things that bury us. When will they go away? Not even the decomposers can help this time. Are we all going to die? Then who will supply oxygen for life? Will everthing be non-living?

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