1st place international

Refocus and reduce….No to Junk Mail!

submitted by St. Nicholas College Rabat MIddle School : Eco-schools Committee  for 11-14
campaign: litter-less-campaign-entry
dissemination(s): Made into a leaflet and distributed to people we found in the Rabat square., other, school media, website
filed under Articles
awarded: 1st place international, 1st place Litter less Campaign

We wrote this article to spread the word about the worrying data we collected about the local Junk Mail situation during our Litter-Less research. We managed to enroll 9 families in our school community and they agreed to keep the junk mail they received over a period of two months. We then weighed that mail and calculated the amount the families would have collected over a year. We also estimated how much junk mail would have been collected if we had to multiply the results to the number of dwellings in Malta. Moreover we estimated the number of trees that would have to be cut down to create all that paper that will end up as Junk Mail. The results we obtained were mind blowing and all this after the massive ‘Sort it out’ campaign. Are we really sorting it out?

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Bring Your Own

submitted by ALP Paola : Brandon Debono, Brandon Spiteri, Gilmour Borg, Hayden Bonello, Johan Bongailas, Nicholai Battistino, Salvatore Mazza, Samira Buhagiar  for 15-18
campaign: litter-less-campaign-entry
dissemination(s): other, Presentations in Schools and Day Centres in the community of Paola, school media, website
filed under campaigning-video video-clips
awarded: 1st place international, 1st place Litter less Campaign

Plastic is ruining our world but we can do something about it. The Bring your own campaign aims to reduce single use plastic with three simple solutions. Video created by ALP plus Multimedia students 2018-2019.  

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Sustainable Tourism: is it possible?

submitted by IES Aguas Vivas MCAST Malta : Carlo Musco, Miguel Rojo Torres, Ruben Del Rio Valtueña  for 19+
campaign: litter-less-campaign-entry
dissemination(s): other, school media, Social Media
filed under Best entry international collaboration reporting-video video-clips
awarded: 1st place international, Best Entry International Collaboration

Does tourism affect the rate of waste generation? Through this creative collaboration between Malta and Spain, we explored how both countries fight waste issues in order to strive for a sustainable future.

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Home Sweet Home

submitted by Maria Regina College Dun Manwel Attard Young Adult Education Resource Centre : Shaun Grech  for 15-18
campaign: yre-entry
dissemination(s): Facebook, noticeboard, other, school media, website
filed under Photos reporting-photo
awarded: 1st place international, 1st place Litter less Campaign

This snail’s natural habitat is supposed to be surrounded by plants and other animals and not waste. The overuse of plastics and their careless disposal into our environment is leading to it having extensively infiltrated our food chain and natural spaces. Moreover, animals such as this snail are ending up in the wrong place such as in this case, the plastic bottle, and are eventually left to die.

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Waste bin story

submitted by University of Malta : Denise Brignani, Federica Scinetti  for 19+
campaign: YRE Entry
dissemination(s): website
filed under Campaigning video Video Clips
awarded: 1st place international, 1st place Litter less Campaign

Waste bin story We are two Erasmus student of the University of Malta. We created this video to promote the zero-waste lifestyle. By using a waste bin as the focus of the video, we showed how Malta’s waste crisis could be eased by ditching single-use products.          

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